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Manufacturers Of Food Processing Machinery

Founded by Shri. K. V. Balakrishnan in 1966, Super Industries is one of the first manufacturers of food processing machineries in South India. Headquartered in Thrissur, Kerala State, India, our focus and mission is to manufacture and service high quality cutting edge technology machines and robust business excellence. Mr. Sreedhar Balakrishnan, the present business head is a technically qualified, second generation entrepreneur. He has upgraded the company standards through innovative technologies, business ideas and enhanced the company technical services.

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  • Member Export Promotion Council
    Ad.Off: TC/35/3655,
    Kuruppam Road, Thrissur-1
    Kerala, S. India
  • Super Industries
    C 28, industrial estate, Gate No 1,
    Ollur, Thrissur, Kerala, S. India - 680306
    Phone : +91 984 703 1549, 984 733 1549
    Email : Sreedharbalakrishnan@gmail.com

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